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IPL stands for 'intense pulsed light' and it is a machine that uses heat and pulses of bright, intense light to target the pigmentation (melanin) in your hair follicle without damaging the surrounding skin.  The treatment is effective against hair in the anagen (growing) stage, and approximately only 20% to 30% of hairs are in this stage at a time, and as a result multiple treatments are required.

The number of treatments required varies between individuals, but a minimum of five are required.

IPL is not always suitable for everyone: those with darker skin have a higher risk of pigmentation issues due to the higher melanin content, which is what IPL targets to break down hair.  All clients must avoid sunlight on the treated area before and after treatment, and ensure sun protection is applied.

IPL is a progressive form of hair reduction, and not wholly permanent.  Maintenance sessions are recommended annually, or whenever any new growth appears.


At Vibrafit, you can pay for individual treatments, or we offer discounts on prepaid treatments to give you the best price possible.  

Top Lip $55

Chin $55

Neck $55

Navel $55

Toes $55

Sides of Face $55 

(cheeks and jaw)

Underarms $90

Bikini $90

Buttocks $90

Shoulders $90

Brazilian $110

Upper Arms $110

Lower Arms $110

Full Arms $180

Lower Legs $120

Upper Legs $150

Full Legs $220

Chest $130

Abdomen $130

Full Back $220

Men's Front $220 

(Chest and Abdomen)


Prepaid package pricing depends on the area to be treated, and number of sessions.  Price available on consultation, and all sessions must be used within a year of purchase.   Pre-paid services are non transferrable.  If you fail to show for your appointment, you void that session on your package.

Late notice cancellations (after 3pm the day before, or after 12pm Saturday for Monday appts) or no shows for single treatments may incur an extra charge with your next visit.


Free yourself from razor rash and ingrown hairs with IPL; a semi-permanent, progressive hair removal treatment that will reduce excess body hair in your unwanted areas.

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