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It's a way to work your body to its maximum capacity in a way you can't possibly at a gym! You perform a range of traditional exercises, such as squats, press ups and crunches, using your body weight to increase the resistance, while also experiencing powerful vibrations.

When we do a squat standing on flat ground, approximately 40% of our muscle fibres are actively working; the rest are lying dormant in the event that we need them to balance us if we suddenly fell, or needed to jump up and run away from a predator. When you are on a vibration plate, the ground is being forced up beneath you, simulating a falling effect. As your body needs to not only hold the exercise position, but also work the rest of your muscle in order to stop you falling over, you end up with the full range of fibres in that muscle working at once.

This gives you a more effective work out in a very short amount of time.


Vibration training is as hard as you want it to be; just like with any exercise, you will get out as much as you put in.

It works on a fairly basic formula: more weight = harder workout. When we are doing a press up, regardless of whether we are on the plates or not, if you are on our toes, you will be supporting more of your own body weight than if you performed the same exercise on your knees.

With vibration training, we aim to have you holding a pose as long as possible, unlike at a traditional gym where you would be trying to do as many press ups as you can.


We offer all new clients a consultation and free trial; here, we will assess your suitability for vibration training through a short form and discussion with our trained staff about your health, medical history, and lifestyle.

If you pass the basic health check, i.e. no serious injuries, medical conditions, then we will take you through a short session on the vibration plates to showing you our main basic positions. We will book you in for up to four guided sessions with a staff member; after you are capable of working out on the machines without assistance, you are able to come in without needing to make a booking.



$15 a session casual or $130 for a 10-trip concession card. After the initial free trial, we offer three guided sessions at no additonal cost.  If you require further assistance after your initial sessions, there will be an extra charge.

Payment must be made at the front reception before or after workout if paying at the casual rate.

People with the following medical conditions unfortunately will be unable to undertake any vibration training sessions through Vibrafit.

  • Disc Injury, Ankylosis or Spondilosis

  • Acute Thrombosis or taking any form of blood thinning medication e.g. warfarin, clexane, or within six months of having taken the above medications.

  • Liver or kidney conditions, or any form of organ failure

  • Surgery within the last 18 months; surgery may stop you from performing vibration training, depending on your specialists advice and what area/surgery was performed.

  • Joint replacements within the last two years; this may stop you from performing vibration training, depending on your specialists advice and what joint was replaced.

  • Pregnancy, or having given birth within the last three months.

  • Epilepsy

The following conditions can be exacerbated by vibration training.

  • Vertigo

  • Motion sickness

  • Arthritic pain

  • Migraines

  • Joint stiffness

If you have a medical condition you think may affect your ability to do vibration training, please ask us about it when booking your free trial.


Work your body smarter and harder with vibration training, a resistance workout that uses your body weight combined with strong vibration to get your muscle fibres firing.

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